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The Definitive Obey Giant Site

This encyclopedia's goal is to encompass all things Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant. This is a community-based website which allows free editing of content. Our efforts here are strictly voluntary, so please don't deface this site. We welcome you to add, change, or modify content to better suit the needs of fellow posse members.

To make this happen, the wiki has been broken down into a few fundamental types:


example: Marilyn Warhol Print pages catalog all of the screen prints (on paper) Shepard Fairey has done over the years.

There are currently over 1100 prints cataloged with image, run size, date, and related data.

Fine Art

example: Doves Canvas - Red Fine Art pages catalog all of the gallery pieces Shepard Fairey has created over the years. These include screen prints on wood and metalm as well as one off canvas pieces.

Fine Art pieces are also cataloged with image, run size, date, provenance, and related data.


example: The Beatles References give a glimpse into the wide array of inspiration and imagry that Shepard Fairey uses throughout his pieces. These pages often show the artwork that pieces were based as well as the pieces that was created in its shadow.

Also all over the wiki are dozens of articles on everything Shepard. So look around some and enjoy everything the wiki has to offer.