Mandala Ornament 2 Black

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Mandala Ornament 2 Black Print

Year: 2010
Run Size: 300
Part of Set: none
Size: 18x24
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date: 10/09/2010

This print was originally only for sale in-person at the closing of the Printed Matters show at Subliminal Gallery, on 10/09/10. It was subsequently released for sale on, on 10/28/10.


If you havent had an opportunity to see the Printed Matters show, this Saturday, 10/09, is the last day to get your money's worth! In addition to the closing, Subliminal Projects is offering up a limited quantity pre-release of the Mandala Ornament 2 Print as well as the Cornel West Print collaboration with Glen E Friedman, signed by Dr. West, GEF, and Shepard. T-shirts, books, sticker packs, and the John and Yoko print will also be available. For more information on the print pre-release please visit

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