Flava Flav Poster

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Flava Flav Print

Year: 2002
Run Size: 300
Part of Set: See Below
Size: 18x24
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date:

This print, though not part of a set, was recommended to be purchased along with "Chuck D Poster" because of the way they line up. It appears that there are two editions of this print: the standard run of 300 and a sub-run numbered out of 50. It has been reported that the 50-print run was sold at a gallery show and may have been created due to a color mismatch that occured during printing.

Flavor Flav was issued in fine art editions on metal and wood. The metal version exists in two different states, one with a third ink and one without. Both are shown here. Both versions were sold at the legendary Hard Copy show at Ducky Waddles. In addition, Jason Filipow added, "These (Chuck D Poster and Flava Flav Poster) exist as canvases somewhere....done with paper stencils, roughly 30" x 40" each panel...painted in the spring of 2002 and shown/sold in NYC someplace.

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