Chuck D Poster

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Chuck D Print

Year: 2002
Run Size: 300
Part of Set: See Below
Size: 18x24
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date:

This print, though not part of a set, was recommended to be purchased along with "Flava Flav Poster" because of the way they line up. It appears that there are two editions of this print, the standard run of 300 and a sub-run numbered out of 50. It has been reported that the 50-print run was sold at a gallery show and may have been created due to a color mismatch that occured during printing.

Chuck D was issued in fine art editions on metal and wood. It is not known if a metal three-ink variant of the Chuck D poster exists to match the variant version of Flavor Flav that was sold at the legendary Hard Copy show at Ducky Waddles. In addition, Jason Filipow added, "These (Chuck D Poster and Flava Flav Poster) exist as canvases somewhere....done with paper stencils, roughly 30" x 40" each panel...painted in the spring of 2002 and shown/sold in NYC someplace."

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