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Soo Lucas, better known as Soo Catwoman, was a well-known member of the original mid-1970's UK punk scene, and had a close association with the Sex Pistols. She is often incorrectly listed as a member of the Bromley Contingent, the group of followers and fans of the Sex Pistols that constituted the core of the fashion avant-garde of the early UK punk rock movement, so named for the Bromley area where some of them lived. Of this, she states, "Oh and I also need to say this; I never was a member of the so-called Bromley Contingent, I just knew them, I have never claimed, nor do I have any connections whatsoever with Bromley - either of them...." Another common mistake with regard to Soo is that she is often incorrecly referred to as "Sue Catwoman" to which she has stated, "Please call me Soo not Sue - always been a double 'o' since my teens!".

Between late 1976 and early 1977 she shared a flat with Sid Vicious, shortly before he joined the Sex Pistols. Her story of this time period appears on her Myspace:

"Way back in 1976 I found myself in the middle of a scene that became known as 'Punk' (I never liked the label that much personally, but thats another story). There were a crowd of people who hung out at the same places and looked rather different to the norm of the time (picture the white suit in Saturday Night Fever, or the feathercut of Farrah Fawcett-Majors). I met a lot of people who went on to become household names - but of course when I met them - most of them werent famous yet. still seems strange to me that what happened back then could bring about so many changes, in hair, music and fashion etc. (It seems quite funny that what started out as anti-fashion became a fashion in itself). ..... Im sure for many people around at the time none of them (despite their claims) could have known the impact the whole thing would have, and still be having so many years on."

Soo Catwoman appeared in a number of punk rock documentaries, including The Filth and the Fury. However, a very young actress was chosen to portray her in The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle. Soo states, "I wasn't 14 - I was 21 at the time but I take it as a compliment."

She left the punk scene when the Sex Pistols broke up and became a mother (two children, a 21-year-old son and an 18-year-old daughter). She is believed to now reside in Twickenham west London with her family.

Soo Catwoman received the Obey treatment in Shepard's 2002 work Catwoman Swindle, based on a 1976 photograph by Ray Stevenson.

Soo Catwoman with Joe Strummer (by Bob Gruen)
Soo Catwoman (1976 photograph by Ray Stevenson)

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