Artist's Proof
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Artist's proofs (APs) are prints used to ensure that color (and all other aspects of a print) is to the liking of the artist. Some artists reserve up to ten percent of an edition as artist's proofs but, according to one source, Shepard Fairey keeps the first 1-35 (*see below) of his prints, and creates and sells the APs to make up for this gap (making up fewer than ten percent of each edition). (Site Administrator notes: I'm not sure how true this is, because I have personally received a print numbered 20 directly from Obey Giant.)

Some people say that the APs are worth more, while others say they are worth no more than a numbered print. They are only worth more if the demand is greater than that for the numbered prints, which is usually the case. Because of this, APs consistently sell at auction for more than their numbered counterparts.

  • Shepard has stated that 10-15 APs are made for each print.