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Swindle #3 cover

A quarterly magazine started in 2004 by Shepard Fairey and Roger Gastman. Swindle is published by Obey Giant Art. Shepard himself is the "creative director," while his wife, Amanda Fairey, is the "advertising director." According to its website, "Swindle Magazine is the definitive popular culture and lifestyle publication for women and men of ages 18 to 34."

Swindle Magazine is offered in a hard-copy collectors version. The cover of issue number one features an illustration of Grandmaster Flash done by Shepard.

From Supply and Demand, pg. 321:
Swindle is a quarterly magazine I co-founded with Roger Gastman, intended to be a non-disposable lifestyle periodical. The content is designed to both acknowledge what’s going on in the world that’s important currently and explain how it fits into the evolution of pop culture historically. I look at Swindle as an extension of what I’m trying to do with the Subliminal Projects gallery in my studio: shining the spotlight on things I think people deserve to see or would find entertaining. It’s kid of like my art, where there’s a range of styles and subject matter, form political topics to art, fashion, and humor. I think Roger and I have made something that reflects our personalities, that doesn’t chase trends or pander to celebrities and mainstream culture.

Official Swindle Magazine website