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sixspace (all one word, should be all lowercase) is an art gallery located at 5803 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, California.

From the sixspace's Myspace page:

Contributing to the vibrant and vital Los Angeles art scene, sixspace concentrates on emerging artists, both regional and international, working in various mediums (painting, drawing, photography, digital, sculpture). At sixspace, we have a particular interest in a diverse range of artists who are producing something original and who continually push aesthetic and conceptual boundaries in their work. The gallery’s intent is to foster new, influential contemporary art while simultaneously building our family of artists' careers by exposing them to collectors, curators, and writers on an international basis - sixspace's move from downtown Los Angeles to Culver City in September 2005 has garnered the gallery a larger platform to do this. The new space also launched a project area designated to experimental installations and to showcase new work by young artists.

From LA Weekly:

"...sixspace has a reputation for attracting young collectors, their pockets heavy with disposable income from the movie and music industries, and young artists you can watch evolve before your eyes. Like its owner, who also runs the art.blogging.lasite, sixspace is all over the map, showing installations, paintings, photography and works on paper. The gallery’s vibe is young, and Coleman has the youthful glow of a WB star..."

sixspace is notable in the Obey Giant world for hosting Shepard Fairey's famed 2003 show This Is Your God.