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RISD - Rhode Island School of Design

A school in Providence, Rhode Island where Shepard Fairey started the Obey Giant campaign.

Taken From WikiPedia

The Rhode Island School of Design (commonly abbreviated RISD and pronounced RIZ-dee) is one of the premier fine arts institutions in the United States. It was founded in 1877 and is located in Providence, Rhode Island at the base of College Hill and contiguous with the Brown University campus. The two institutions share social, academic, and community resources. They offer joint courses and students at each institution may cross-register in courses offered by the other institution.

RISD has been consistently named the best art college in the country by the US News and World Report and has the lowest admissions rate of all art schools in the United States.

RISD's mission statement is “to aid in the cultivation of the arts and design, and the general advancement of public art education and the application of the principles of art to the requirements of trade and manufacture.” The school includes about 350 faculty and curators, and 400 staff members. About 1,880 undergraduates and 370 graduate students enroll from all over the United States and 50 other countries from other parts of the world. It offers 16 undergraduate majors and 17 graduate majors. It also maintains over 80,000 works of art in the RISD Museum.

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