Obey Lotus Crescent Black and Gold

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Obey Lotus Crescent Black and Gold Print

Year: 2013
Run Size: 75
Part of Set: none
Size: 26x34.5
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date: 01/23/2013

This print was printed on Somerset Satin Tub Sized 410 gsm paper and features a diamond dust finishing process. The print was published by Paul Stolper Gallery in London and was only available for purchase through that gallery; the gallery originally released the prints for sale at their booth at the 2013 LA Art Show, January 23-27. The price was originally set at $1500 ($5250 for the set of four diamond dust prints), to be raised on a sliding scale as the run sells out. The print was not sold via Obeygiant.com.

Note: the official print size is 66.5x 87.5 cm.

From Obeygiant.com:

This new series of prints are Shepard Fairey's first use of diamond dust printing. The series is comprised of 4 stunning prints of floral ornament abstraction utilizing white and black diamond dust. The new medium, diamond dust, adhered to the surface of the screen prints is a shimmering and elegant material. Perhaps most famously used by Andy Warhol, who understood perfectly how to convey a message, Diamond Dust was used to add glamour, transforming ordinary images into coveted objects . The material aligns with Shepard's work and interest in the seduction of advertising and consumerism. Diamond Dust, literally and metaphorically is superficial, applied to the surface of the print, the luminous effect is both beautiful and alluring.

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