Not Great Men

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Not Great Men Print

Year: 2013
Run Size: 450
Part of Set: none
Size: 18x24
Paper: Speckletone paper
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date: 08/20/2013



The Not Great Men print was inspired by the Gang of Four song of the same name from their album “Entertainment”.. Gang of Four are a great band musically and lyrically with many of their songs tackling subjects like consumption, capitalism, obsession with power, exploitation, narcissism, and class structure. The song Not Great Men has long struck me as a wise indictment of the contradiction or paradox of leadership and power. It takes assertive, charismatic people with self-confidence to be leaders, but on the dark side, leaders are often power hungry, manipulative, and abusive of their power. Once someone has power it is not only possible for them to shape history for better or worse, but it is also easier for them to manipulate historical portrayal of their role in their favor. I think Gang of Four’s point with Not Great Men is to suggest that power is not inherently great and should be feared as much as revered. The world is often shaped by those who are not great men. On a personal note, I think a larger percentage of women in public leadership roles would bring more diplomacy, fairness, and benevolence. Of course, that is a generalization because one can cite Margaret Thatcher and Imelda Marcos as brutal women. Regardless of gender, the public needs to be less seduced by, and in awe of, power… and leaders need more checks and balances to their power.

-Shepard 18 x 24 inch screen print. Signed and numbered edition of 450. $45. Limit 1 per person/household.

Release date: Tuesday August 20, 2013 at a random time between 10am and 12 noon PST in the Prints page of the store.

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