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Mission of Burma single set

In May of 2006, singles from Mission of Burma's new "The Obliterati" album were available for purchase directly from obeygiant.com. The set contained eight 12in records and eight CDs. All were designed by Shepard Fairey, but only the records were signed. Only 50 sets were available for purchase.
The cost: $50

This set, in an unsigned state, was originally available from the Mission of Burma page on the Matador Records website as a subscription. It sold out very rapidly, leaving many fans upset. The shipping of the subscription suffered a major delay.

From the site(http://matadorrecords.com/mission_of_burma/)


The Mission Of Burma Subscription Series Discover 'The Obliterati' through a 'slow leak' -- the incredibly cheap 8 X 12" / 8 X CD single subscription series starting later this month. For only $15 you get 8 single-sided 12"es shipped to you, 1 per week, and 8 single-song CDs, shipped to you 1 per week, 3 weeks later, INCLUDING FREIGHT (sorry, only within the United States -- it's still a great deal though).

The blank sides of the 12" singles each contain unique etching by Obey/Giant mastermind Shepard Fairey. You will also ultimately get a preorder discount on 'The Obliterati' when it comes out. STRICTLY LIMITED so subscribe soon.

02/07/06 — Burma subscription series sold out; a note from the label The Mission Of Burma Subscription Series, 'THERE'S A TIME AND PLACE TO PUNCTUATE,' sold out in 2 days.

We realize that some of you are disappointed that we had to cancel multiple subscriptions, or that you found out about the subscription too late to subscribe. Unfortunately, the exotic nature, intense labor demands and high expense (and low price) for the Mission Of Burma subscription series all mean that we have to limit the total series to approximately 500 subscriptions. Since the series needs to be limited, that means that we can only offer 1 subscription per customer.

We apologize for anyone who ordered multiple subscriptions or who came in too late to get a subscription - the nature and low price for this special series meant that it had to be strictly limited to about 500 and one per person. This had the additional value of preventing unscrupulous people from ordering multiple copies and then flogging them on eBay for inflated sums.

All the music on the subscription series will eventually be available on the album, 'The Obliterati,' when it comes out on May 23rd.

04/10/06 — Obliterati.net and Subscription Series The Mission Of Burma Subscription Series, 'THERE'S A TIME AND PLACE TO PUNCTUATE,' is shipping this week. We really apologize for the delays, but this was a fairly complex undertaking and like all good things - very much worth all of the wait.

We are also excited to launch a special wikisite for 'The Obliterati' - http://www.obliterati.net. Over the next 24 days, we will be releasing 8 song streams from the album (in fact, all of the songs from the Punctuate subscription series - so call it a free digital version of the subscription series). It also features detailed views of the Shepard Fairey etchings and downloadable wallpaper for each release.

Taken from ObeyGiant.com
To celebrate the recent release of Mission to Burma's new record, The Obliterati, Matador Records and Mission of Burma have collaborated with you know who to create this limited collection of 12" and CD singles. Originally released on the MOB website these singles sets sold out in 2 days. The blank sides of the 12" singles each contain unique vinyl etchings designed by Shepard. Each set contains 8 X CD singles and 8 X 12" singles signed by Shepard (12" ONLY). We only have 50 sets to share, so quantities are limited to 2 per customer... Priority access to these sets are given on a first come, first serve basis.