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Toy2R's OBEY::MOTUG (Monsters of the Underground) 2.5" Egg Qee series

2.5" MOTUG/OBEY Qee Egg

Motug* "Monsters Of The Unda-Ground" is a collective of 10 of the most influential underground artists - they are FUTURA,TKID170,DOZE GREEN,NYC LASE, GHOST, SHEPARD FAIREY, CES, EWOK, DIZMOLOGY AND TOOFLY.

Shepard designed this Egg Qee for the MOTUG Collection. The toy features the infamous Big Brother 2 face and the Obey Star on the back. Each toy comes with a Signed box by Shepard. 100 signed pieces were made available from Obeygiant.com at a price of $10.00 + shipping.