Limited Tour EP

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Limited Tour EP
Taken from Wikipedia:

Limited Tour EP was released in 2003 on the label Fueled by Ramen. 5,000 of these CDs were pressed for the Less Than Jake 2003 tour with Yellowcard, Rufio, Fall Out Boy, and Punchline. Each band contributed a previously unreleased track to the CD. The CD is made of clear plastic with Anthem-inspired artwork by Shepard Fairey.


  • Less Than Jake - The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out (UK Version)
  • Less Than Jake - Sobriety Is A Serious Business And Business Isn't So Good
  • Yellowcard - Hey Mike
  • Rufio - Don't Hate Me
  • Fall Out Boy - Grand Theft Autumn (Acoustic)
  • Punchline - Open Up

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