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Natas Deck

A divison of Santa Cruz Skateboards by Natas Kaupas. Designarium is sponsoring artists, instead of skaters, to explore and expand the culture and ideas that have made skateboarding as popular as it is today. Shepard Fairey designed this 7.5"x31" skateboard deck in 2004.

From Supply and Demand, pg. 324:
Natas Kaupas was the first skateboarder to do a boardslide down a handrail, and I had a few of his pro model boards back in the mid to late ‘80s. He contacted me about doing a board for a company he started called Designarium, where he had different artists designing boards (and getting the royalties a skater would typically get for a pro model). My board was a reinterpretation of Natas’s old graphic that he used on several of his original boards, with a black panther (the cat) emerging from a triangle surrounded by jungle leaves. I used a Black Panther (the militant activist) with more propaganda-style leaves and some colors and banners that are typical of my work. It was definitely an amazing honor to work on a board for one of my original skater idols.