Dalek and Shepard Fairey (Magda Danysz Gallery)

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Joint show that took place at the Magda Danyz Gallery in Paris, France from June 4, 2005 to June 30, 2005. This show is notable for the number of collaborative works on display.

From Magda Gallery translated with babelfish:

Exposure of June 4 to July 30, 2005

Dalek and Shepard Fairey are two American artists resulting from urban art. When Dalek is rather inspired by the comic strip and the graffiti, Shepard Fairey, also known under the name of Obey Giant, carries out stickers and posters which it sticks on the walls of the cities. However, behind very different works graphically, as well by the supports used as by the features and the colors, a unit of direction is hiding place: both denounce dictacture in all its forms, whether it is political, economic or intellectual.

Collaborative works on display at "Dalek and Shepard Fairey:"

Dalekobey20.jpg Dalekobey21.jpg
Dalekobey22.jpg Dalekobey26.jpg
Dalekobey1.jpg Dalekobey2.jpg Dalekobey3.jpg Dalekobey4.jpg
Dalekobey5.jpg Dalekobey6.jpg Dalekobey14.jpg Dalekobey8.jpg
Dalekobey11.jpg Dalekobey12.jpg Dalekobey13.jpg Dalekobey7.jpg Dalekobey15.jpg

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