Covert To Overt (Gold) Print Set

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Covert To Overt (Gold) Print Set

Year: 2016
Run Size: 350
Size: 18x24
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print



The Covert To Overt print series features three limited edition prints inspired by photographs by Jon Furlong.

"Jon Furlong may seem low-key, but like a courageous war photographer, he is ferociously adept at capturing art action as well as the results of the action. Jon has been honing his skills on trips and missions with me and the OBEY crew for almost ten years, even picking up an X-acto knife or spray can when needed. There is no doubt that Jon has a naturally great eye for composition and light, but these OBEY photos are phenomenal because Jon’s complete immersion in the process makes him uniquely qualified to capture significant moments and angles. My new book achieves a new level of quality and intimacy in the documentation of my art process thanks to the photography of Jon Furlong."
– Shepard Fairey, 2015

Prints in This Set: Covert To Overt: Big Brother (Gold) - Covert To Overt: Icon Water Tower (Gold) - Covert To Overt: Peace Tree (Gold)