Anthony Dominguez

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Anthony Dominguez

Official bio from Dilettante Press:

Anthony Dominguez was born in Forth Worth, Texas, in 1960. At one time he maintained a home and held down a job as a sign painter, but now lives in abandoned buildings and makeshift structures. Rather than claiming that he is homeless, however, he considers himself free and has chosen this new way of life in order to divest himself of any attachment to worldly necessities. His earliest white-on-black works were drawn on black cloth using bleach from a clean needle program. In recent years he has worked on a larger scale, using white paint applied from a squeezable ketchup bottle. His signature is a stick figure opening a doorway marked by a heart, a symbol of his life as a constant state of becoming.

Dominguez and Shepard Fairey had a joint exhibit entitled Obey & Slay that took place at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. It ran from October 5, 2001 to November 3, 2001.

Examples of the work of Anthony Dominguez:

Untitled (Subway Rider) 2000
Gas Tank Sculpture 1995
Skull Hand Gun 1995
The Alchemist 1995

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