Americana Print Set

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Americana Print Set

Year: 2012
Run Size: 200
Size: 18x24
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print

This box set was sold on on 09/06/2012, with a limited amount available for purcahse at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery during the opening of the Americana gallery show on 08/25/2012. Included in the set are 13 screen prints, certificate of authenticity, and a CD of the Americana album by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, inside a signed and numbered handmade box. 12 of the prints are editions of 450, the remainder of which were sold on throughout the weeks after the release of the box set; the only print exclusive to the box set is Americana Lyrics. The box set originally retailed for $850.

Prints in This Set: Americana Lyrics - Clementine - Gallows Pole - Get a Job - God Save the Queen - High Flyin' Bird - Jesus' Chariot - Oh Susannah - This Land is Your Land - Tom Dula Black - Tom Dula White - Travel On - Wayfarin' Stranger